Fangpusun Solar Charge Controller Mppt 100a 48v Charger Controller For Max 300VDC 6000W PV Input

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Fangpusun Solar Charge Controller Mppt 100a 48v Charger Controller For Max 300VDC 6000W PV Input
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
브랜드 이름: Fangpusun
Model Number: FLEXmax MPPT 100-300
Type: MPPT
Application: Charger Controller, Solar Working Station, Solar System Controller
Work Time (h): 24
Max PV Power: 6000W
Max PV Voltage: 300VDC
Certificate: CE,RoHS,SGS,ISO9001
Warranty: 2 Year, 2
Key words: Mppt 100a 48v
Nominal Battery Voltage: 24VDC/36VDC/448VDC
Maximum Output Current: 100A
Maximum PV System Voltage: 300VDC
Maximum Array (STC Nameplate): 3000W/4500W/6000W
Maximum Input current (Short-Circuit): 64A
Peak Efficiency: 98.8%
Data Logging: 128 days
Enclosure Type: 3R
기본 정보
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
브랜드 이름: Fangpusun
인증: CE,RoHS,SGS,ISO9001
Model Number: FLEXmax MPPT 100-300
결제 및 배송 조건
Packaging Details: 25KG/UNIT
Supply Ability: 500 Unit/Units per Month
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Why Choose Fangpusun Solar Charge Controller Mppt 100a 48v For Max 300VDC 6000W PV Input ?

Why Special with Another 100A MPPT ?

Products Description
The MPPT 100-300 is the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers from Fangpusun.The advanced MPPT100-300 MPPT algorithm offers increased energy harvest from the PV array than other MPPT controllers. The MPPT100 -300 delivers both higher voltage and higher power, offering improved flexibility and performance.

Fangpusun network communications and OPTICS RE compatibility allows the FLEXmax 100 to be remotely programmed, monitored and controlled via any internet connected device providing unrivalled system integration.

The MPPT100-300 is a top-of-the-line high performance, efficient and versatile charge controller for your advanced power system.
Product Feature

——▶ Up to 99% efficiency

——▶ Logs up to 128 days of operational data

——▶ Supports 24, 36, and 48 Vdc battery voltages

——▶ 100A output for up to 5kW of charging

——▶ Controls an equalization cycle manually or automatically

——▶ Wide input voltage range allows the use of a PV array configuration up to 300 Voc

——▶ Can be remotely monitored and configured (up to 300 feet or 100 meters away) using MATE3s system display

——▶ Built-in ground-fault protection and rapid shutdown capacitor discharge for easy code-compliant installation

Product parameters
MPPT 100-300
Nominal Battery System Voltage
24VDC / 36VDC / 48VDC
Maximum Continuous Output Current
Maximum Input Current (Short-Circuit)
Maximum Array (STC Nameplate)
3000W / 4500W / 6000W (charging output limited to 100A at battery voltage)
Maximum PV System Voltage
Operating Input Voltage Range
30VDC to 290VDC
Standby Power Consumption
Power Conversion Efficiency
24V: 96% 48V: 97%
Peak Efficiency
24V: 97.5% 48V: 98.8%
Charging Regulation
Voltage Regulation Set Points
Absorption, float, silent and equalization
Equalization Charging
Programmable start time, voltage set point and duration, automatic termination when completed
Battery Temperature Compensation
Adjustable from 2mV/cell/°C to 6mV/cell/°C
Voltage Step-Down Capability
Down convert from any acceptable array voltage to any battery voltage (example: 72VDC array to 24VDC battery)
Programmable Auxiliary Control Output
12VDC output signal which can be programmed for different control applications (maximum of 0.25ADC)
Status Display
LED indicators
Remote Display and Controller
MATE3s compatible
Network Cabling
Proprietary network system using RJ-45 modular connectors
Data Logging
128 days
Operating Temperature Range
Ambient, -25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F), output power reduced above 25°C
Ingress Protection Rating
Enclosure Type
Maximum Altitude Rating
Conduit Knockouts
Bottom and sides
2 years
Weight (lb/kg)
Unit: 18.3 / 8.3 Shipping: 22 / 10
Dimensions H x W x D (in/cm)
Unit: 22 x 8.8 x 6 / 55.9 x 22.4 x 15.2 Shipping: 25.5 x 12 x 10 / 64.8 x 30.5 x 25.4
Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS), HUB4, HUB10.3, MATE3s
Minimum Battery Bank Size
Charging Range (Output)
20VDC to 68VDC
Additional Features
Built-in GFCI, field-replaceable cooling fan
Products Detail
Fangpusun Solar Charge Controller Mppt 100a 48v For Max 300VDC 6000W PV Input
Company Profile
Our Advantages
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