Auto Charger Controller MPPT 25A 12V Focus Tracking Solar Panel Regulator Dual USB Port Charge Controller

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Auto Charger Controller MPPT 25A 12V Focus Tracking Solar Panel Regulator Dual USB Port Charge Controller
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
브랜드 이름: OEM
Model Number: MPPT5025A-DUO-BT
Type: MPPT
Application: Charger Controller, Solar System Controller
Work Time (h): 48
Max PV Power: 350W
Max PV Voltage: 12V
Certificate: CE&ROHS
Warranty: 1Year
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
브랜드 이름: OEM
Model Number: MPPT5025A-DUO-BT
결제 및 배송 조건
Packaging Details: Individual package size:147x79x42mm Net weight per product:0.4kg Outer box size:47.5x37.5x23.5cm 40 pieces per carton, Gross weight per carton:17kgs
Supply Ability: 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Products Description
MPPT Dual battery solar controller

1.Increased MPP charging
2. Switchable characteristic lines of charging
3. Unattended Charging
4. Two Battery Charging Ports
5. Overcharge protection
6.Connection for temperature sensor
Model number:
Capacity of Solar Module (recommended / max.):
50 - 165 Wp
50 - 350 Wp
Current Solar Module:
0 - 10 A
0 - 21.0 A
Voltage Solar Module (Voc):
max. 50 V
max. 50 V
Nominal Voltages of Batteries MainI and Start II:
12 V
12 V
Charging Current:
0 - 12 A
0 - 12 A
Current Consumption Stand-by (max.):
4 mA
4 mA
Main Port Battery I:
Charging/Floating/Load Current:
0 - 12 A
0 - 25.5 A
Reset Voltage (30 sec):
12.7 V
12.7 V
Charging Voltage Limitation (max.):
15.0 V
15.0 V
3Unit Fuse (Type FKS):
Charging Timer:
Auxiliary Port Vehicle Starter Battery II (Start II):
Charging Current:
0 - 1.0 A
0 - 1.0 A
Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:
max. 95 % RH, no condensation
Available Accessories:
Temperature Sensor
LCD meter
Customized logo (Min. Order: 500 Pieces)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)

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Increased MPP charging current compared with conventional controllers, due to ultramodern controller technology(microprocessor) by 10 % to 30 % (efficiency > 95 %)
Switchable characteristic lines of charging for optimum charging of Gel/dryfit/AGM/fleece or acid/lead-acid, as well as LiFePO4 batteries .
Automatic charging of the main battery or board battery (Board I): Support charging and trickle charging (max. 1 A) of the vehicle's starter battery (Start II) with overcharge protection
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Company Profile
Q1:What’s your main products?
A1:Mounting bracket, Connector &Wires, Charger Controller for off-grid solar systems Caravan and Marines electronics(Dashboard/Cigarette USB power/Audio, battery backup systems etc)

Q2:What’s your delivery time?
A2:Depends. Most of the items are available between 3-14days. OEM items request longer.

Q3:How can I get a sample, is that free of charge?
A3:You are always welcome for requesting samples. Most of the samples will be free of charge. But you will be asked to afford for the express cost.

Q4:How can I get a more competitive price?
A4:Usually our quote is leveled based on the order QTY. Hope that will help you to balance the profit and the cash flow.Meanwhile, if the market inquiry detail more clearly to us, the price could be more competitive.

Q5:How do you control your quality system?
A5:Our QC is right after the order confirmation! The specification - the material-the production line job-before packing-after packing and before loading, our QC is on for 7/24.

Q6:I need warranty.
A6:You are always having our 1 year warranty. Upon your request, and 10% higher value will give an additional 2 year warranty,means total 3 years.(for Solar Panel, you have 25 year warranty for 80% output and 10 year warranty for 90% output).
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